We aim through these services to facilitate access to information, and to raise the technical awareness for students and their guardians so as to keep up with the rapid development in this area

To complete the registration process with ease we prefer using Chrome or Firefox browser.

  • Student ID already exist Error: If it’s your first registration and you didn’t ask anyone to register for you directly contact the website administrator throw this email Abdelhameid.it@elrazi.edu.sd, Else see Didn’t receive password section below.
  • Date of birth Error: to insert the date of birth click the image inside the field the error comes when it insert manually.
  • University ID (Index No.) Error: if you are unable to insert your university id number you should change the Browser (old browser didn’t Sport this feather).
  • Place of Issues (for National Number): Here we mean the place in which you got the national number.
  • Email and Email conformation Error: Blank Spaces not allowed in this field so you must clean all blank spaces, to make sure that there is no blank space slide the courser to the right end of the field and delete all spaces.
  • Verification Code Error: This Code automatically change on page load so you have to changes it every time you open the registration form.
  • Emphasize the correctness of all entered Data. : To emphasize the correctness of the data entered you have to check in the check box above apply button.
  • Situation 1:

    We prefer using a web browser for checking email folders Make sure that you entered your Email correct when you register and the Email is Active: In this case you must be sure to check all email folders including Spam and Junk folders and to do this you may need to use a web browser rather than using the email app. If you check all the email folders and you didn’t find the password you can reset your password from this link Password Reset and your information should be typically like what you entered when you registered.
  • Situation 2:

    You entered incorrect or inactive Email: in this case you have to ask for Email changing by sending (Index no. , Mother Full name, Parent Phone No. , National or Passport No) from your new Email to abdelhameid.it@elrazi.edu.sd Or hamedonetwork@gmail.com.
  • If receive your password and still can’t login to your account try to reset your password, if you receive the new password and still you can’t login contact the website administrator throw Abdelhameid.it@elrazi.edu.sd, if didn’t receive the password see Didn’t receive password section above.