Faculty of Dental Technology

Faculty of Dental Technology

The college was established in 2001, and the first class in the college for the academic year 2001-2002. We offer a diploma in dental technology for 3 academic years. The academic year consists of two semesters, the duration of the semester is 16 weeks. English is the approved language for teaching and examinations in the college, and special programs have been designed for non-Arabic speakers for the two subjects of Islamic culture and the special Arabic language.


The college trains intensive training in accordance with sound planning and good management and by harnessing the available capabilities to keep pace with global requirements and cover the country's needs of dental technicians to compete internally and externally.


Providing a distinguished medical staff of dental technicians to serve the community and compete at an honorable level internally and externally..


Prosthetic replacement

Fixed prosthetic replacement

Replacement of the face and jaws


Properties of dental materials

Descriptive dental anatomy

General anatomy

Sculpting and painting